Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lucky... to be sick?

An art teacher without a voice?!
I've got whatever virus-of-the-week is going around and have almost no voice. Since I'm a big talker, this is a huge problem! I do have an amplification system in my room that I absolutely LOVE, but even that piece of technology can't help me this week.

So, do I feel lucky to be sick? NO! But what I was very impressed with this week was how my students responded to me being sick. As my 2nd graders left class today, almost all of them said, "I hope your voice comes back." or "I hope you feel better." And as I waved goodbye during our school dismissal, I had so many more hugs and good wishes for better health - it was very sweet.

I know I'm a lucky teacher...but today, I also felt truly cared about by my amazing students.


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