Monday, March 24, 2014

BEFORE the Art Show!

This year, our school participated in the "One School, One Book" program and our entire school read Charlotte's Web. So, for the annual Art Show, each grade level's project was inspired by a quote from the book. Now that all the projects are winding down, I thought I'd share with you what it looks like BEFORE the show!

Piles, piles and more piles
All my students' names are in an Excel document so I just set up a mail merge and run "Business Cards" through the printer for easy name tags. As each class finishes a project, I photograph them for Artsonia and staple the name tag in the corner. As everything gets finalized, they go in great big piles (which I still believe is a perfectly fine organizational strategy!)

Rolls, rolls and more rolls of paper
Our building has a good-sized length of cork strip outside every classroom for displays. I went around one year and measured them all (BIG JOB...but I only had to do it once! WHEW!). Now, I have a nice map that tells me that Room 104 has 23', Room 106 has 21' and Room 312 has 14'. Granted, it would be a whole lot easier if everyone had the same length, but...
Anyway, once I know the length and color scheme I want for each cork strip, I roll out hundreds of feet of colored paper so it is ready to have artwork taped and stapled to it later in the week.

Announcements, announcements and more announcements
Now, the fun part! I love getting the students excited for the show and getting the word out to our families and our community. This little piggy is from my main bulletin board and I added a thought bubble above him to countdown to the Art Show. I've also posted things on our Twitter account and our school's parent newsletter. Our principal has posted the info on our school's Facebook page and teacher's have put the invitation in their classroom newsletters. 
I think I've got every avenue covered!

Can't wait to post pictures of the actual event! Stay tuned!

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