Thursday, August 21, 2014

Art is Incredible!

We have a SUPER theme this year - SUPERHEROES! And we're not just talking Superman and Wonder Woman - we are talking heroic acts by our very own students and staff! The superpowers of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Empathy and Cooperation are going to be celebrated this year at Big Bend.
It has been fun coming up with items that will be a creative twist on this theme for the Art Room. Here's what I've got going so far... 
The 3'x12' bulletin board - front and center when you enter the Art Room
Our class Noise Level chart
Our Point Charts

The adorable graphics are from Melonheadz Etsy shop and I adore them! Well, I've still got a week or so until Open House, so I've got a couple more ideas up my sleeve as we get closer to our official start date! Stay tuned!


Every time I walk into my room, I giggle a little bit! I wonder if the kids will ever notice the big Art Room no-no?!

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