Monday, October 13, 2014

First 1st Grade Project...CHECK!

When I tell the first graders they get to use NINE different art supplies all on one project, they get super excited! 

They start with pencil, add watercolors, then glue down ripped paper, use foam stamps and tempera paint, throw in some leaf rubbings with crayons, and finish it all up with scissors and glue! WHEW! 

Sound like a hot mess? Not at all! Check 'em out!

And here's a little tip for the leaf rubbings (even though as you can tell from the kids' work, they like the stamped leaves a little better.)   :-)

For the leaf rubbings, I gathered leaves from our playground, pressed them between some encyclopedias for a few days, and then laminated them. I love that all the texture comes through, the colors remain vibrant and they last for YEARS!

Don't be afraid to mix up the art supplies on a project - the results can become a beautiful blend of colors and textures.


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  1. What a super neat trick for the leaves. I'm so trying that now! Thank you for sharing.