Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Legacy Project Unveiled

This is our 7th year doing a 6th grade Legacy Project - which I describe to the kids as a "gift of personal property, handed down from the past to the future."

Finished mural - almost 8' wide!

This year, we made faux-repousse tiles with 7" cardboard squares, yarn, spray adhesive, aluminum foil and oodles of colored Sharpies. (You can find an excellent tutorial at A Faithful Attempt.) Our theme was "Wisconsin Nature" and  while we have some repeated images (four foxes, six birds, etc...), all SIXTY-ONE students took their idea and put their unique personality into it - I could not be more proud of them!
Avery's Butterfly

Brady's Leaf

Coleman's Fox

Peyton's Ladybug

Sofia's Campfire

And while this is the absolute largest Legacy Project at almost 8' long, next year we will have to go a bit smaller because our main office has made a request and their space is the smallest we will ever tackle. Good thing I'm always up for a challenge!


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