Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello World!

I've been following a LOT of art education and technology blogs the last few years and I figure it’s time for me to contribute a bit more. When I first stumbled upon some blogs and other online art education resources, I was shocked at what I found. There were more people in the world, just like me, struggling like me and celebrating classroom successes like me. Being the only art specialist in my school can sometimes be a little isolating…well…ok…who am I kidding? It can be crazy frustrating and lonely to not be part of a “team”. Now, don’t get me wrong – I work with amazingly supportive people who I consider the sisters I’ve always wanted – but being the only one of my kind can wear on a girl! So when I found a variety of online communities that were filled with innovative and engaged art teachers, I felt like I hit the professional lottery and now instead of watching from the side of the cyberpool, I think I'm ready to dive in!

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