Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ready to Exhale

Last week, I had my last day with my students and my fourteenth year of teaching came to an end. As the school year ended, I found myself looking at it as a new beginning. Not just the beginning of summer (thank goodness for THAT!) but a chance to catch my breath, renew some long lost energy and do all the planning and prep work that goes on, behind the scenes, to create a positive and successful upcoming school year. 

Some of the things I plan to work on are: new projects for my Specially Designed Art class, a new Artist of the Week SMART Notebook presentation and a new version of my point/classroom management system.

And I also have a side job of teaching other teachers how to work with their SMARTboards, a hubby who works long hours out of state, two busy kiddos and a rambunctious golden retriever! Even with all that craziness, summer seems like it might be more relaxing than being at school!

Even with summers “off”, what do you look forward to working on this summer for your classroom?

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