Sunday, January 13, 2013

WHAT is going on in HERE?!?

If someone stopped in to visit the Art Room last Friday morning, there would have been some serious questions! It looked like the aftermath of a college frat party! 

Let me explain… 

My Specially Designed Art class is focusing on different media this year and last Friday, we focused on "markers." I am always on the lookout for a lesson or idea that can be successful for all nine of these special kids with varying abilities. I happily stumbled upon this website and a new project was born: 

So, while we focused on "markers", we also used cotton t-shirts, plastic cups, rubber bands, eye droppers and rubbing alcohol. It was so much fun to watch to see everyone's reaction to what happened when the rubbing alcohol hit the colors. Aren't they stunning?
Sharpie Tie-Dye Shirts

After 15 minutes in the dryer to set the colors, their marker masterpieces were ready to wear! And after 15 more minutes, all the evidence mess was cleaned up!


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