Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Best Art Room Storage Solutions"

Storage Room Solution
Over at the Art of Education, Jessica asked readers to share their "most savvy shortcut to art room storage." Well, I don't know about savvy, but it's a system that works for me.

I inherited these boxes when I started teaching and have grown to love them. They have lids which means they stack really well and they have handles built in, so even when they have heavy contents, they are easy to lift and move around the room. And if I ever need more, they are relatively cheap and easy to find at any big box store. When our school underwent a large renovation and my storage room had to be redesigned, I chose to keep these boxes because they work so well.

Last summer, I spent some time (too much time, if I'm being honest) making color-coded labels for each box. Each color is a category (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc.) and each box is labeled with its contents. This works really well because I know what I have and where it goes - and that seems pretty savvy to me!

Happy organizing!

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