Monday, December 9, 2013

Table Stickers

Which kid has which job? Just take a look in the corner of each table!

My cooperating teacher (back in the day!) had a similar system to this and it has evolved quite a bit over the years, but it works really well. Each student knows what to do, which eliminates me having to tell them over and over...and over again! And the stickers are actually from a library supply catalog - I think they're suppose to mark the spine of books with specific categories. But they work great for this instead!!!

Each Table Sticker corresponds to a special Art Room Job found on this chart:
Art Room Jobs

These big circles are on velcro so they are easy to switch and change at the beginning of each month. If I didn't switch up the jobs, there would be absolute mutiny! Because if some kids don't get to WASH THE TABLE, heads would roll! I bet their parents have no idea how much they like to clean!


And a slight disclaimer: These stickers don't last forever...especially if I have a "Sticker Picker" that sits in a particular spot week after week. But, they're relatively cheap and easy to replace.


  1. Hi Amy,
    I am an elementary teacher in Atlanta and this coming year our enrollment is expected to swell to 1200. I am looking for workable ideas for seating charts. I like students to have assigned seats so we don't waste time getting seated and storing work. I need something visually oriented that also helps me with absences, work habits, etc. Any suggestions?

    1. Whew! 1,200 kiddos?! Any management system you implement will have to be simple. I have Table Folders for each class and those work really well - instead of calling up 25 kids by name, I call up 7 kids, one for each table. At the end of class, that same child collects the art, puts it back in the folder and returns it to the class's crate. That has saved me so much time and its a more efficient use of our time. You could easily have a document laminated onto the front of each folder where you could keep track of absenses, so as you hand out/collect folders, you could jot notes with a Sharpie. Have a secret code for behaviors maybe?
      As for seating charts, my method is CRAZY and I only have 400 kids, so consider how much time you want to put in, in the beginning. I have each kids name on a post-it note (the really small ones and then I cut it in half!) I have a chart, I stick each kid in an assigned spot and we're good to go. NOW - here's the kicker. I have to write each and every kids name! BUT before you completely discount the idea... I put these charts in those plastic folders and then in a binder. They never lose their stickiness that way! So...I reuse the postits from year, to year, to year! I've had my current postits for 4 years now! Each year, I just write out my new students and throw out the graduating students. You could maybe try it with a grade level and see how you like it. Here's a picture -
      Hopefully, you'll find a simple and efficient way to manage your room and kiddos! Good luck and thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere!

    2. I use the same system for table folders; each table is color coded and each table has a work folder. So your suggestion for a laminated sheet on each folder might work. I will have to do some thinking about how the layout of this sheet would look like...a place to note absences, work habits, etc. I have found work habits start to slip a bit in 4th and 5th grades. I feel I need to hold them accountable but need documentation. I am also thinking about having a table folder for current work and then having another folder for portfolios with completed work. If I am storing all their work in one table folder, their previous projects start spilling out and make for a very crowded, messy table. Just not sure I have the storage space for all of this.
      I am going to try the post it note system-a great suggestion. I only have six tables but class size is going to vary. I was hoping to have just 4 students per table but many classes are going to exceed 24 students. I am going to try numbering the tables so everyone is clear where they sit. In the past, I just assigned students to a table but it can be problematic. I feel things run smoother if everyone has a spot and it is consistent, although trying to do this with over 1000 kids may be another headache. Do you have a system for assigning students to a table? Alphabetical? Boy-girl, boy-girl? That's one way I have done it before but it does take awhile to sort it out for each class and, again, the numbers are daunting this year. Any other thoughts or suggestions you may have will be appreciated!

    3. For seats, I have 7 tables with 4 stools per table. I try to have boy-girl on one side, girl-boy on the other. I try to mix them up alphabetically because I figure all their other teacher probably keep them a-z for a while. For Kindegarten, I do put them alphabetical but by FIRST name. I find it's easier to remember Alyssa, Alex, Becca and Brian if they all sit at Table 1!
      What about numbering the SEATS? Student #1 on your class roster goes to Spot #1 at your tables? Student #2 goes to Spot #2, and so on... Then maybe as a reward for so many weeks of great behavior, the roster gets shuffled around and then get new seats for a class period. That would give you a few weeks to learn names, practice procedures, etc and could be nice motivation for some kiddos.