Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Free Lesson Plan #3: County Fair Color Wheels

Here is Day #3 of free lesson plans! This week, I'm on Spring Break so I am sharing some of my lessons I used for our recent Art Show, "The Art of Charlotte's Web." 

These 3rd grade projects took a while because of all the color mixing, but it was well worth it! They really did an excellent job mixing, painting and collage-ing (is that a word?!) And I will always make up projects that give me an excuse to use OK Go's song "Three Primary Colors" - it is so catchy!!

I've been borrowing/stealing/adapting lessons for years because of the online generosity of art teachers around the world. So, I figure it is time to give back a little. Each day, I'll share a project that I have found to be a successful addition to my vault of lessons. I don't claim that any of these lessons are mine and mine alone, so if you recognize them, send me a message and I'll give credit where credit is due!



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