Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy 2015-2016 school year!

We are "teaming" up for a great year at BBES and celebrating teamwork, cooperation and kindness while using a sports theme!

I love our all-school themes and use it to create an eye-catching display on my 12' wall that is front-and-center in my Art Room.
This was a ridiculous amount of time (and money...sorry hubby!), but it is SO ME! I love me some Disney and will sneak it into just about anything! 

Here's how I put it together: 
I bought a Monsters University set from (on sale, with a discount code by the way!), stuck them onto foam core, cut out all the characters (and some are really, really fuzzy hard to cut out!), put them onto bulletin board with long t-pins to create some depth and cute shadows. For the final touches, I added a 1/2 soccer ball (which is actually a lamp my daughter will get at the end of the year) and I found a whistle to hang around Mike Wazowski's neck, like a ref!

This is one of our Class Point Charts, adorable gym class graphics from Melonheadz

And our Noise Chart, which helps keeps the crazy to a minimum. Basically, if the kids are noisy, they go down the chart and could lose a point for the week. If they go up to the top of the chart, they get two points (very exciting when that happens!) I like this system because it doesn't single out any one child, but encourages teamwork to reach the goal.

Stay tuned for more sporty stuff from around my room and our school!

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