Monday, September 7, 2015

Art Room Reveal

Welcome to my Art Room for 2015-2016! Be warned - oodles of pictures in this post! Enjoy!

This is my SMARTBoard, which I couldn't live without anymore!

These are my new clean-up signs. When I say "It's clean up time" - they should follow the Clean Up 5 sign and then the Table Job sign. The less I have to talk during clean up, the better! I think the kids would agree!  :-)  
Does the sign on the left seem to familiar? That's because I totally loved what Alecia at Art of Ed wrote about HERE and I totally stole it!  Above the signs are our school's PBIS rules: be respectful, responsible, safe and then I added "be creative."

Below the clean-up signs, I made a new "I Can" display for our learning targets. We'll see how this goes this year. I've never been very consistent about posting them on a regular basis. And I added the Mona Lisa/Marzano chart on the right.

Next to the clean-up signs is our Artist of the Week board. This year, we're going on a trip around the world visiting 26 different countries and learning about different types of cultures and their art. VERY excited to share this with my students and we'll add a "postcard" from each location as we visit throughout the year. Go check out Art Curator for Kids to see her ebook that inspired this presentation.

My mascot, ART, from Monsters University

This mega-cabinet was donated a few years back and it is A-MAZ-ING!!!! Each drawer holds all of my 2-D samples for each grade. (I think I need some color in this corner now that I saw this picture! Add it to the To-Do List!)

This is inside one of the drawers. I've got all my samples, organized by project name and grade level. I don't know how I stored all of this craziness before this cabinet!

This is a large wall above their Class Crates. I used a stack of scrapbook papers to create the large visual full of sports imagery and then, threw in some Monsters University/teamwork posters for a bit of Disneyness on this side of the room.

Moving around the room, this is my sink area. I love that I have two sinks and I try to keep the chaos to a minimum by having the kids wash palettes at one sink and paintbrushes in the other. Thanks to Pinterest and the Teacher's Palette website, THIS picture has gotten a lot of attention over the years. It's pretty old now because we had a full renovation since this picture was taken, but I still use the footprints. It really helps the kids not to bunch up by the sinks.

This is where I hand out paint over by the sink area. And its all RoyGBiv'd of course!

These are my Point Charts that go with our sports theme and I was a golfer for a long time, so the fabric covering my kiln room door is a golf fabric this year. It's fun tying in my other passions into my Art Room!

Continuing back around the room, this is a cabinet from IKEA that contains so many things! On the top, you'll find my seating charts and my document camera along with a work space for doc camera demos on the SMARTBoard. On the left side, I have an art library full of fun and inspirational books to look at if a student gets finished early. Then, the four black bins are for common every day supplies: tape, staplers, Sharpies of every shape and size, pencil sharpeners, and free drawing paper.

A new addition to my room this year is this desk area, behind my regular desk. I'm lucky enough to have a student teacher this year and wanted her to have her own space. Being a cooperating teacher brings back so many memories of my own student teaching experiences! And it's really an interesting process to not only TEACH art but to explain to someone else WHAT I'm doing it and the WHYs of it all. 

The first project of the year for all grade levels is a celebration of International Dot Day - stay tuned for the next post showing our all-school mural!


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