Friday, January 29, 2016

Things that bring me JOY

Spam makes me sad. 

I get an email saying that I have a new comment on my itty bitty blog and I get so excited to "talk" to someone about this art world that I love. And's just spam...just a computer generated, nonsensical, email that means nothing. UGH - like a fork to the eye, people!
So, the spam has taken the wind out of my sails with this blogging thing and since I am not one to dwell on the negative...I am going to celebrate things during my day that bring me joy and put a smile on my face! Here we go!

This is a goofy little invention that works SO well! It's a piece of balsa wood with stick pins in it. When the 6th graders are done applying the resist to their silk paintings, they take the tops of the bottles and put them on the pins. No more clogged tops! WooHoo!

Having my paint in ROYGBIV order is nothing new, but having the tape stripes underneath each color has really helped the kids put things back where they belong. And if they clean up, then I don't have to!

This doesn't seem like a very interesting bulletin board, but it is our Art Show Preview. We've got a sports theme this year and I think we'll have a pretty diverse show. We've got spectators, equipment, team logos, athletes, etc... along with all kind of skills and media.  I'm excited to finally get the art show out of my head and into the hands of my students.

And this is the back of my new favorite shirt - and this says it all! So, spam or no spam, I know why I teach art and why I love it!


  1. Sorry about the spam--I hate it too. So many bloggers have commented on the fact that they rarely get comments, so you are definitely not alone! I do enjoy your blog, and I know it probably feels like you're talking to the wind sometimes, but you are not :-)

  2. Aimee - you're a sweetheart! Thanks for your kind words!