Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I forgot one?!

2014-2015 CD Weavings - 6th grade Legacy Project

I LOVE our Legacy Project tradition and was shocked to realize that I totally forgot to tell you about the one we did two years ago! It is hanging in our computer lab, is about 5' tall by 7' wide, and is made out of recycled CDs and some of the craziest yarn I've ever purchased!

The 6th graders warped the CDs with thin yarn, cut out and made needles out of plastic lids, and then proceeded to weave "over-under-over-under" with yarn in all sorts of cool colors and assortment of textures. I don't have any pics from during the process because it was so long ago, but there is a great tutorial here.  Enjoy the pictures!

And truth be told, I totally complained about all the cutting and glueing for the broken CD border, but I just love it! Makes for such a great contrast for the soft, fuzzy yarn on round CDs to have these shiny, jagged pieces framing the entire project.

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